環境氷柱光壁 / Spectral Icicle of Milieu

環境氷柱光壁 / Spectral Icicle of Milieu

kanta nishiuchi/
Architect: ISHIDA Katsuya Art Director: rjii Technical Director: shimizuyasushi Software Engineering: takashi kusaka Hardware Engineering: masaki nakatsu / kanta nishiuchi / usa Support Assistant: mako endo Photographer: yuna miyamoto








This work visualizes the transition of the environment using icicles, which are unique to cold regions, as a motif.

Ice poles are ice that hang down in the form of sticks, which change their shape with minor environmental changes. They have been a familiar part of the living landscape in cold regions, but they are disappearing due to improvements in construction technology.

In this work, environmental data (temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure) is acquired every hour for four hours from 17:00 to 21:00, and visualized as a new ice pillar.

Viewers will be able to see the icicles of light and how they are formed along with the weather conditions they experience at the time, thereby cultivating an understanding of the environment through the icicles.

Ice poles are a familiar part of our daily lives. For this reason, this work was displayed in the front yard of the Sapporo City Museum, an extension of Sapporo Odori Park, and was made large, measuring approximately 6 meters in height and 11 meters in width, so that it could be recognized from a certain distance and appreciated by a greater number of people during the 10-day period. In addition, LEDs were used as a medium to maintain the size of the icicles, which are vertically extending icicles, and to minimize their size so that they can be recognized from a distance.

Sensors were installed around Odori Park, the expected viewing location, so that the viewers could compare the weather conditions with what they were experiencing at the time of viewing. Because of the distance between the sensor and the LEDs, sensing information is stored on a Web server and read by a microcontroller that operates the LEDs.