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Primitive landscape of smitharia.

about smitharia


It is a platform where people who need something at that time gather and create it, without fixing the members.
We create a variety of products centered on media such as video and music.

宇佐 飛紀

宇佐 飛紀
Usa Takanori

3DCG Designer
1998年札幌生まれ。2021年に札幌大谷大学メディア表現領域を卒業。 大学在学中、SIAF LAB.で制作補助として様々なプロジェクトに参加し、そこで培った経験を活かし東京の映像制作会社に入社。 現在は仕事の傍らライブの映像演出やMV等の3DCGデザイナーとしても活動している。
Born in Sapporo in 1998, graduated from Sapporo Otani University in 2021 with a degree in Media Expression.While a university student, he participated in various projects as a production assistant at SIAF LAB. and joined a video production company in Tokyo, utilizing the experience he gained there. Currently, in addition to his work, he is also active as a 3DCG designer for live video productions and music videos.


アーティスト / アートエンジニア
artist / art engineer
村川龍司。1998年、札幌生まれ。札幌市立大学デザイン研究科博士前期課程を修了。札幌のアートセンターSCARTSでのテクニカルスタッフを経験したのち、2024年arsaffix Inc.にてアートエンジニアとして参加。自身の表現幅を広げようと、さまざまな領域の表現について触れ、表現領域には、グラフィック/音楽/映像/立体作品がある。個人的な楽曲制作を主としつつ、音にまつわる表現においてコラボレートを行なっている。 smithariaではビジュアルやディレクションを担当している。
I use various areas of expression to broaden his own range of expression. My areas of expression include graphic/music/video/three-dimensional works. I collaborate in sound-related expression while mainly creating my own music. In smitharia, I'm in charge of visuals and direction.
西内 寛大

西内 寛大
kanta nishiuchi

グラフィックデザイナー / モーションデザイナー
graphic designer / motion designer
 Born in 1998. Graduated from Sapporo City University, Faculty of Design in 2021. Belongs to Studio Wonder Inc. In addition to graphic design, he also creates motion graphics and 3DCG. Motion graphics and 3DCG are not produced by themselves, but are used as one of the tools of expression to make graphics look better and more interesting, mainly using flat graphics.
清水 康志

清水 康志

アーティスト / エンジニア
artist / engineer
Born in Sapporo in 1998, he completed his Master's degree in Design Studies at Sapporo City University in 2023, where his research theme was the development of composition algorithms using program source code. While an engineer, he has been involved in interactive video production, technical support, and web development for live performances, etc., as well as creating works such as "display[rag]" and "SoundScapeEmulator", etc. In 2017, he joined "Tsura Labo" and was involved in the production of "Spectral Icicle of Milieu". Since then, he continues to support the production of artworks and participate in projects.